9 things not to miss in Kew Gardens, London

Officially the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this is one of the best places to visit in London, as well as being one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. But time is precious; what should you see when visiting for a day?

1. The Hive


Go inside this incredible human beehive, with lights and sounds simulating the activities of bees in a real hive just around the corner. Installed in Kew until November 2017.

2. Princess of Wales Conservatory


Bromeliads, ferns, water lilies; this greenhouse has everything tropical, as well as a few temperate plants. Don’t miss the underwater fish viewing area.

3. Palm House


Kew Gardens’ most iconic glasshouse is also one of its most popular. Get here early in the morning and have the place completely to yourself as you wander among the palms.

4. Sackler Crossing


This beautiful curved bridge crosses the lake, passing water birds, ducks and swans on the way.

5. The Great Broad Walk


The Broad Walk is the world’s longest double herbaceous borders, no less. This relatively new path is a great way to walk from the Palm House to the north of the Gardens.

6. Treetop Walkway


A great view across the trees (and London, if you look in the right direction). If you’re lucky, you might spot some local parakeets eating chestnuts.

7. Redwood Grove


When a miniature version of the great sequoia forests of North America is this big, it makes you want to visit the real thing. Until then, this is pretty impressive.

8. The Pagoda


Dating from 1762, this towering Chinese-style pagoda has very little to do with botanical or horticultural science, but is magnificent nonetheless.

9. The Sunsets


Not strictly Kew itself, but summer evenings are brilliant in the Gardens. The crowds have gone home, the sun is setting, and on a Friday you can stay until 9pm. Perfect.

For lots more information, visit Kew Gardens’ website at kew.org. And if you have any questions or recommendations, let us know below!



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