About me

I’m Gavin. I live with my girlfriend Nicola in Teddington, South West London. Monday to Friday I work in PR and Communications.

‘The Travelogue’ is where I write about my adventures in London, the UK, and further afield. When I’m not planning my next trip abroad, I like to paint, build electric guitars and wonder why my classic MG is once again not working.

My work published elsewhere:

National Geographic Traveller

Costa Rica: In search of the quetzal: natgeotraveller.co.uk

The Culture Trip

Exploring Durmitor National Park, Montenegro: theculturetrip.com

Elsewhere Journal

Postcard from… Sarajevo: elsewhere-journal.com

Blogs I think are worth a read:

A Ranson Note | Nicola Ranson

A blog about everything from travel to beekeeping:  nicolaranson.com

I’m Sky High | Pavel Choudhury

A travel blog detailing Pav’s trips around the world: imskyhigh.com

Titian and Turmeric | Heidi-Lee Hosgood

A South African food and travel blogger: titianandturmeric.com

Trips100 - Travel Blogs

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