Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo is famous for all the wrong reasons. The place where Franz Ferdinand was shot, sparking World War One. The place that was besieged in the Bosnian war. Not what any city’s tourism board really wants. But what we found was a city full of life, optimism, and some of the most welcoming people you’re likely to meet. After checking into our Airbnb, and getting … Continue reading Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nicola and I weren’t aware, but someone had kindly disabled motorways on the hire car’s sat nav, meaning that at the first available opportunity we were diverted from the main road to a smaller road, then a smaller road, then an even smaller road. The roads narrowed and the asphalt fell away until we reached the peak of a dusty hill, speckled with occasional dry bushes and … Continue reading Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina